2019 TechHome Mark of Excellence Awards, Bella Community

About This Project

Security, convenience and absolutely stunning A/V performance, this home has it all and we are so extremely proud to have been apart of this amazing project and recognized by TechHome to receive the 2019 Mark of Excellence Award.


In this scope of work, innovation was important. We needed to ad discrete high resolution audio to several rooms. The client also wanted the Big Screen experience in multiple locations, but it had to be discrete.

In the family room we went with a large scale 85″ 4k TV, this along with a discrete Klipsch 5.1 surround system, the flush mounted subwoofer allowed for big theater sound while remaining hidden.


The master bedroom presented us with a challenge, there was no place to discretely mount a large TV. So we decided to mount a 120″ 16×9 motorized screen into the ceiling above the sliders. Then working with the builder we built a cavity into the outside wall opposite the screen, In this cavity we were able to install a compact HD projector, then engineer a fan driven cooling system so the unit would not overheat. When you enter the room, there is no way to tell that any video exist, other than a small 4″ “Port Hole” above the bed that allows the hidden projector to project on the screen. With he touch of a button, the large screen deploys from the ceiling and the projector turns on. A Klipsch in ceiling 5.1 surround system gives the room theater like sound. If the client wants to watch it during the day, the client can hit another button and the Somfy motorized curtains close behind the screen, darkening the room for daytime viewing.


The outdoor living area was the biggest challenge. The builder had a bold idea, so we worked with him along with his bug screen contractor. He wanted to integrate a large projection screen right into the roll up bug netting material. He wanted to be able to watch movies and sports both inside the outdoor living, and the pool deck area. So we contacted screen innovations and they recommended their new 360 screen material. Through some trial and error, the team was able to seamlessly bond the material strait to the screen using a process they invented. They are calling this process “welding.” It’s absolutely seamless and works amazing, to my knowledge nobody has ever done anything quite like this before. So at night the client simply turns on the outdoor theater, the bug screen rolls down containing the 160″ screen, the projector fires up and the screen gives the client that big screen experience he wanted.. on both sides of the screen simultaneously. A full Klipsch in ceiling surround system including subwoofer kicks out the theater sound.The client even has dual air conditioners. Two 55″ TV’s are also connected to the system for multiple video source viewing at any time.


The rest of the home is fully automated, all lighting, HVAC, Security, A/V, surveillance, sprinklers, landscape lighting and garage / door control. All works seamlessly with Control4 at the helm.

The 10 zone Altlona HDMI matrix allows sharing of multiple video sources from the centrally located equipment rack, including a custom built movie server offering them thousands of movies on demand with the touch of a button.


The client works from his home often and appreciates the solid high speed WiFi provided by the Araknis networks 4 high speed access points, these are deployed throughout the home. No matter where he is, indoors or out, he’s online.


With their busy lifestyle they appreciate being able to stay in control of their home, when they travel they can view their cameras and even open the garage or unlock a door to allow access to the home. Also when they travel they can simply hit one button and the home goes into away mode. The home then simulates occupancy with lights going on and off at random times, the HVAC system keeps the home at a preset temperature while they are away.

Scope of Project:
Whole Home Video Distribution | Whole Home Audio Distribution | Lighting Controls | Security System Integration | Pool/Spa/Sprinkler Integration | Video Intercom System | Managed WiFi System | Remote System Management | HVAC Integration


January 30, 2019

Audio/Video, Automation, Lighting, Security, Theater