Audio Visual System Refinement

About This Project

We came in contact with this client while they were engaged with another audio/visual provider. The company was going out of business and the client reached out to us because they feared that the work wasn’t going to be completed properly. We offered to help see that project was carried through to the end, but the contracted company was able to see that the project was implemented before closing.
After experiencing equipment issues with no one to provide service, we reengaged to help upgrade the current audio visual system, refining the products and improving overall functionality.
Since then we’ve established a business partnership with the client working as an audio/visual partner for their design firm. We work with them through the design process to ensure that their client’s desired home aesthetic is maintained through the creation of specialized products like custom mounting systems.


Scope of Project: Whole Home Video Distribution | Whole Home Audio Distribution | Whole Home HVAC Automation | Whole Home Lighting Automation | Security System Integration | Complete Home Theater | Managed WiFi System | Remote System Management

January 01, 2010

Audio/Video, Automation, Theater