Eclectic Style, Seamless Home Entertainment

About This Project

This client came to us with a focus on seamless home entertainment and creating a system that could support their unique tastes. Design was a key component throughout the process with a strong desire to match the eclectic style of the home. They wanted all the bells and whistles but to be naked to the eye—enjoying it all without seeing the equipment.
As a retrofit during the remodel process, we de-cluttered the home of existing exposed technology to enhance the ambiance of the space and be able to accentuate and highlight specific elements. We created a distributed home audio system that allowed them to manage music, lighting, and television capabilities throughout the home. From television mounts taking on unique sizes and shapes to state of the art speakers being creatively disguised, we spared no expense to deliver on the demands of our client to provide the best of the best, conspicuously concealed.


Scope of Project: Whole Home Video Distribution | Whole Home Audio Distribution | Whole Home HVAC Automation | Whole Home Lighting Automation| Security System Integration | Video Intercom System | Gate Control System Integration | Managed WiFi System | Remote System Management

December 01, 2013

Audio/Video, Automation, Lighting