Whole Home System & Remote Management

About This Project

A year before even purchasing land for a new home our client had their sites set on a creating an attractive advanced home theater system. After an initial conversation about what they were interested in, we invited them to our showroom where we could demonstrate the technologies first-hand and start to create a custom plan based on their needs.
Shedding light on the available technologies turned into a ‘wow’ moment for them, further understanding the possibilities beyond just an amazing cinematic experience. From audio and video to music and lighting, we were able to create a whole home system for entertainment with central management capabilities for ease and convenience no matter where they were in the home. 
As frequent travelers we quickly discovered that it was just as important for what the technology could do for them at home, as it does for them while they were away. An advanced home security system combined with cameras and remote management now allows them to travel freely and watch over the home from afar. Should the home require maintenance during their travels, disarming the system or monitoring the work is achievable through iPad access.


Scope of Project: Whole Home Video Distribution | Whole Home Audio Distribution | Whole Home HVAC Automation | Whole Home Lighting Automation | Pool and Spa Automation | Security System Integration | CCTV Surveillance Integration | Video Intercom System | Complete Home Theater | Custom Designed Theater Seating | Managed WiFi System | Access Control System | Remote System Management

August 01, 2013

Audio/Video, Automation, Lighting, Security, Theater